Leo Legare Auctioneer – Sale Listing September 27th, 2018

  1. Carved and painted eagle plaque clutching American shield and arrows, 44 x 16

  2. Cast iron and wood hanging wall shelves, 41 x 31

  3. Exterior business sign with gold leaf lettering reading “Clark”, 85 x 20 inches

  4. Large early hiking back pack splint basket with lid

  5. Small size 3 section grain bin in original paint, 55w x 16d x 22h

  6. Pair painted sheet metal sconces, urn shape with floral motif, 26h x 20w some paint loss

  7. Small pierced carved and polychrome painted dove on arrows and torch, acorn and leaf top, 18w x 9h

  8. Cast iron eagle possibly from steam boiler or a building ornament, dated 1911, 31w

  9. O/C Hudson river scene with sail boats, lighthouse and figures, 18 x 20

  10. Large Walnut Victorian wall clock with engraved dial, 42h x 23w

  11. Hooked rug with apple tree, 30 x 32

  12. Three cast iron toys, sand and gravel, ice wagon, shell shape cart

  13. Tavern table with stretcher base and button feet, drawer has restoration

  14. Courting mirror in original frame, 17 ½ x 12 ½

  15. Lot 27 pattern glass goblets some patterns include, two Moon and Star, hairpin with thumbprint, Ash burton, Buckle, Buckle with American shield, Maple leaf, Sandwich Star, 3 deer, Frosted Lion, Three face, Amber devil face, Bell Flower, Waffle and thumbprint, Colonial, Magnet and Grape, Colonial, Prism, Lincoln Drape

  16. Sheraton canopy bed posts only, tall painted pencil posts with headboard

  17. Lot 27 pattern glass goblets some included are, New England Pineapple, Hamilton and leaf, Tulip, Roman soldier, Woman’s portrait in heart, Stippled rose, Anchor in shield chipped, Flute, Bellflower, Diamond point, Polar Bear with seals, Argus, Bulls Eye and Fleur De Lys has chip, Comet, Bulls Eye, etched hunter, milk glass Magnet and Grape, swirl, popcorn

  18. Extremely rare molding plane by W. Raymond, possibly the largest cornice plane in existence as stated in Pollak’s book on wooden planes page 303.

  19. Lot 27 pattern glass goblets some patterns include; Bellflower, hobnail, Hamilton, Venus and Cupid, Panel, Prism, Deer, Stippled floral band, prism and thumbprint, Excelsior, Waffle, Girl with fan, Waffle, Three face, Centennial, Diamond point, Ribbed Palm, Eugenie, Brooklyn, Waffle and Thumbprint, Mirror

  20. Large Queen Ann Mirror with original beveled glass, pierced carved crest,

  21. Lot 28 pattern glass goblets, some patterns include; Frosted leaf, indented saw tooth, Thistle in panel, Pig and Corn, Beaded Band, Bell Flower, Giant prism and print, Flute, chipped, Frosted double band, Gothic, inverted fern, Cable, New England Pineapple has chip, Roman Key, Etched Hunter in woods, Mirror, Argus, fine rib, Diamond Thumbprint, Frosted Ribbon

  22. Chippendale ribbon back side chair, step down Windsor

  23. Lot 27 pattern glass goblets, some patterns include, Ash Burton, Tulip, Star Rosetted, Pillar, Owl in tree, Ribbed Ivy, Band of flowers, Excelsior, Swirl, Horn of Plenty has chip, Purple slag, Ribbed leaf and grape, Chelson, Swan in panel, Thistle, Lee, Stippled leaf and flowers, Morning Glory, Heron in panel, Pillar, Diamond point, Victorian Woman

  24. Lot 3 molding planes, 2 signed J. Sleeper and one signed S. Morse

  25. Lot 27 pattern glass goblets, some patterns include; Washington, Ash Burton, Bell Flower, early cut glass daisy and block, Swan, Bulls eye, amber with leaf, panel with diamond point, pillar and bar, Bulls eye, fine rib, magnet and grape, Hawaiian Pineapple, Bleeding Heart, stippled vine, squirrel in tree, scarab, clear ribbon, star in circle, Classical, turtle in Lilly pad, Block

  26. Lot 4 boxes of planes.

  27. Lot blue pattern glass

  28. Lot 16 planes

  29. Cupid and Venus pitcher, cake plate, 6 dessert bowls

  30. Pair early cut lusters, pr, Sheffield candle lamps, decanter coasters, chamber stick

  31. Pair Excelsior whale oil lamps with burners, spill holder

  32. Violin by Antony Posch with double case

  33. Violin by Joan Carol Kluz

  34. Bow with gold and MOP fittings

  35. Federal mahogany elaborately carved card table slight warp to top

  36. Pair early 19th Cent portraits in excellent gold leaf frames

  37. English Regency card table with rosewood top banded with inlay, base has string inlay

  38. Geometric leaded shade unsigned, 16 inches, green and white slag

  39. Mid 19th Cent. Stick barometer, B. Martin, London

  40. Inlaid mahogany Pembroke table with shaped leaves and drawer

  41. Pillar and Scroll clock by Eli Terry

  42. Potted flower quilt

  43. Early blanket chest 3 panel front over 2 drawer, paneled sides, bracket base, till with drawers, strap hinges

  44. Large folio Currier and Ives, Trotting Stallion “Phalas”

  45. Sea chest in old paint with rope beckets, strap hinges, till and drawer

  46. Barometer by A. Hood

  47. Portrait of young man on board, signed Fedor Encke? Paris

  48. Bow front chest on French feet with curly maple top, original bee hive oval brasses

  49. Diminutive tapered leg table with drawer

  50. Japanese carved ivory figure, signed

  51. Silver hilt sword in leather scabbard, 30 ½ inches long, bone swirled handle has crack, small S shaped guard

  52. European silver hilt sword with pierced pommel and guard, part of guard is missing, triangle shaped blade no scabbard, overall length 38 inches

  53. Early American silver creamer by Joseph Loring, 5 ¼ inches high, engraved H. Pearce In oval panel, reverse is initialed

  54. Pair early American silver candle sticks with dragoon base and bobeche, cylindrical center shaft with engraved eagles

  55. Silver porringer by R. Humphrey, 4 ¾ diameter bowl, handle initialed M.W. to M.E. , engraved on bowl MEG to WPC 1836

  56. Early silver caster 5 ¼ h. Hallmark S.E.

  57. Early silver caster 5 ½ h. touch mark T.T.

  58. Early silver footed can with handle, 5” tall with Hallmark H, H. ?

  59. Tea caddy signed I. Sayre7 ½ h. x 6 ½ w. x 4d, John Sayre, New York, NY, 1771-1852, oval in shape, hinged lid with urn finial

  60. Barrel shape lidded pitcher by Chas Aldridge, London, 1797-1798

  61. Large 3 piece English coffee urn with Hallmarks include C.W., embossed with flowers, footed reticulated base, pear shaped body has faucet with ivory handle, tall finial lid

  62. Candle trimmer tray 7 ½w x 4d x 2 ½ h, Hallmarks R/rampant lion/Jester/EC

  63. Candle snuffers 7”, Hallmarks have R/Jester face,/Lion/EC

  64. Silver handled pistol grip knife 10 ¾ and fork 8 ½, Hallmark I.S.

  65. Early silver ladle with turned ebony handle, 15”L bowl has 2 ½ diameter, Hallmarked A.T.

  66. Very heavy Continental figural ladle 15” with 4” bowl diameter, handle capped with man’s head wearing cap, engraved in bowl is a hand clasping a sphere, 4 English Hallmarks ending with WC

  67. Numbered set of 6 Samuel Drowne table spoons

  68. Pierced and engraved tongs by Martin Parry Kittery and Portsmouth 1758-1782, engraved and initialed, 6 1/2”

  69. Engraved and initialed tongs by David Tyler, Boston 1760-1804, Hallmark DT, 6 ¼”

  70. Tongs with basket of flowers, shell shape bowls Hallmarked Fellows, possibly John Fellows Portsmouth, 6 ¼”

  71. Tongs also with basket of flowers Hallmarked E. Watson, Edward Watson Boston 1821, 6”

  72. Miniature urn by Jacob Hurd with hinged lid and hinged flap on base with Hallmark Hurd, Engraved shield with swags, 3 ½”

  73. Miniature urn with applied handles, shield with swags, also has hinged lid and hinged base with OS Hallmarks, has dents

  74. Tongs by Samuel Drowne Portsmouth initialed B inside oval engraving, shell shaped hands

  75. Small pot with hinged lid and applied handle, 5”, has dents

  76. Three tea caddy spoons, each having Hallmarks

  77. Marrow spoon, 5 ¾” initialed MAR, Hallmark EM or GM

  78. Two silver crosses, one hollow opens up depicts resurrection2 ¾”, one sheet cross with initials MA 3 ½”

  79. Early silver button with engraved fighting cock 1 ½” diameter hallmarked WT over WW, also engraved on reverse INO Mickelfield Ipswich England OB in Salem NA May 10, 1819 AE 80 Yrs.

  80. Continental silver bowl with swing handle, bowl is 6” diameter 4 ½” tall with handle down, 8” with handle up, Hallmarks on handle look like Thistles

  81. Two pair early silver buckles, one sash or belt clip, pierced buckles are Hallmarked ME, sash hook is initialed and Hallmarked, solid buckle initialed TL

  82. Roman coin bracelet made into a fob with 4 coins in gold bezels

  83. Scent box with finely engraved hinged lid, Hallmarked JW?

  84. Two Newburyport spoons, I. Stickney semi rat tail 9” and W. Moulton semi rat tail 8 ¾”

  85. Benjamin Burt rat tail spoon 8”

  86. Rat tail spoon Hallmarked TH, 8” initialed

  87. Rat tail spoon 7” Hallmarked IE

  88. Rat tail spoon 7 ½” Hallmarked Clark, Thomas Clark Boston

  89. Semi rat tail spoon Hallmarked D. Rogers, engraved initial MB 1759

  90. Semi rat tail spoon 8 ½”Hallmarked ED

  91. Semi rat tail spoon 8 ¼” Hallmarked IN

  92. Semi rat tail spoon 8 ¼” Hallmarked J. Loring

  93. Set 6 coin silver spoons marked T.P. Drown sold with two mustard spoons by same maker

  94. Set 8 semi rat tail silver tea spoons with Hallmark BB

  95. Small barrel shape container with lid, 4” h. reticulated top, lid has leaf finial, Hallmarks include WB

  96. Footed can, 6”h, initialed on handle PIM, Hallmarked MG

  97. Small Continental silver footed valuables box, still has original key, 5”w x2 ¾”d x 4 ¼”h, heavily embossed, lid has bronze bust flanked by angels

  98. Continental tea scoop

  99. Coin silver snuff box, round with hinged lid, Marked inside lid, Coin S.F. Cal

  100. Pair early European embossed brass candlesticks, one bobesche

  101. Cast iron and bronze garden chair embossed Snow, 1929 Boston

  102. Large folio Swampscott print, view from red rock Lynn, J. H. Bufford’s Lith. Boston MA

  103. Early blanket box in old red/brown with heart shape escutcheon, strap hinges, till and drawer

  104. Early Scandinavian heavy cast brass sticks, 1644 with embossed angel faces, pr. Russian sticks

  105. Mid 19th Cent. gilt mirror

  106. Large bronze bust Roman soldier

  107. Contemporary bronze Man hoisting chain, signed R. Bargas

  108. Sterling chalice heavily embossed

  109. Sonumbra lamp, electrified with cased glass green tamashanta shade

  110. Sterling tea pot, sugar and creamer, heavy sterling tray

  111. Late 19th Cent. footed silver bowl, embossed with swags, English Hallmarks

  112. Lot sterling bowls, plate, child’s cup, S&C etc.

  113. Lot sterling silver bowls, plate, serving spoon etc.

  114. Weighted sterling lot

  115. Sterling and coin flatware lot

  116. Paint decorated pine box, 18 x 11 x 11

  117. Frank Benson etching, 1916 Essex County Ornithological Club. Birds over shore

  118. Tray lot medals etc.

  119. Bracket base blanket box in apple green paint, strap hinges, till and hidden compartment

  120. Queen Ann candle stand with cut corner top, unusual notched pedestal

  121. Queen Ann maple corner chair block and vase turned legs with 4 duck feet, turned stretchers

  122. Queen Ann cherry candle stand, round top, nice pedestal on snake feet

  123. Serpentine fireplace fender with brass paw feet and brass finials, 48w x 16 ½ h.

  124. Penny foot blade andirons with flame on ball finials, 22h.

  125. Great pair claw and ball foot andirons with urn top, 26h.

  126. Kilm, tent flap 7’5” x 4’8”,with some fragments

  127. Large rectangular basket with lid and double handles, rectangular open basket with handles

  128. Stump work table mat by Lavinia Jones, 18” diameter

  129. Early adjustable wood floor candle stand with two candle holders on screw shaft over round dish top

  130. Early fireback with Goddess of fortune “Fortuna”

  131. Sea chest in original paint, with rope beckets, till and strap hinges

  132. Lighthouse pewter coffee pot with engraving, pewter tea pot by Porter, ME

  133. Leather and brass telescope with flag chart, signed A. Dobbie, Glasgow

  134. Pierce carved whale bone crimper, bone fid, 134. A miniature bottle and goblets ivory

  135. Sailor made ladle with carved ivory fittings

  136. Ship compass by Thaxter Boston

  137. Earthworm Mocha bowl, has hairlines

  138. Tole tray painted with lighthouse and sailboats

  139. Free blown clambroth Sandwich glass bowl with ground pontil and rolled edge, 15 dia x 5h

  140. Two eel spears

  141. Treen plate

  142. Tapered leg one drawer stand

  143. Pair mahogany Chippendale chairs from Newport family, one has damage to the splat

  144. Four early blown wines, the 2 small ones have chips on base

  145. Queen Ann mirror with beveled glass and original backboard

  146. Large wool basket with lid

  147. Large Gloucester print from Rocky Neck 1876 by George Douglas, 35 x 23

  148. Sheraton 2 part gilt mirror with Boston label

  149. Family Record water color Gardiner and Cornelia Gary

  150. Early country hanging wall cupboard with two glazed 8 panel doors

  151. Wrought iron kettle tilter

  152. Early Baltimore silver bowl by W.M. Thompson

  153. W. Moulton Newburyport tongs and W. Moulton spoon

  154. Early Baltimore silver covered sugar bowl by Thomas Warner

  155. Mahogany whale end shelves

  156. Early 9” footed brass stick with square base

  157. Centennial maple butterfly table with drawer and button feet

  158. Wrought iron bird spit

  159. Pewter tea pots, Richardson and Gleason

  160. Fire screen hanging brass warming shelf with pierce work

  161. Newbury MA schoolwork

  162. Three blown wines includes cotton twist, cut stem and bubble in stem

  163. Staffordshire East India plate, reticulated China export has crows foot

  164. Two country Chippendale side chairs

  165. Two early golf games one by John Wannamaker

  166. Jesse Blackstone carved miniature Spotted Sandpiper #35

  167. J. Blackstone miniature Blackburnian Warbler

  168. Blackstone miniature Killdeer #20 Concord NH

  169. Blackstone miniature Gnatcatcher #5

  170. Blackstone miniature Kinglet #99

  171. Blackstone miniature Savannah Sparrow #8

  172. Blackstone miniature Evening Grosbeak has tiny chip on under tail feather

  173. Frank Thurlo water color of clipper ship Dreadnaught, 24 x 26

  174. Custom mahogany Chippendale side chair

  175. French walnut Ladies fall front desk on exaggerated cabriole legs

  176. CW writing box carved in book form L. Hayward. Danvers, MA Co 1, 14 Regiment

  177. Portrait in oil of Military MP by Margaret Fitzhugh Brown 1942, 24 x 28

  178. Oil painting of Battleship by Frederick J. Hoertz, 17 x 24

  179. Water color mountain and stream scene by F. Hopkinson Smith, 18 x 24

  180. Two water colors of French Troubadours, 8 x 10

  181. Two British Military prints, 29 x 20

  182. Water color woman writing by L. Polli, 8 x 11

  183. Painted wood banner, #5, 1880

  184. Tiffany art glass vase, 8 inches h. signed L.C.T. and labeled

  185. Hand painted porcelain plaque, 6 ½ x 9”

  186. Sampler

  187. Jacob Hurd teapot, Boston, mid 18th Century

  188. Early blown squatty base wine bottle with broken pontil

  189. Two whale oil lamps on a gimbal for wall or chamber use

  190. A. Cornucopia and eagle flask 190. B. double Cornucopia flask, double eagle flask

  191. Hunt trumpet made of horn, carved bone belt buckle

  192. Redware pitcher has many glaze and border chips, 8 ½ “

  193. Skewer holder and skewers sold with wrought boot scraper

  194. Early bronze goblet

  195. Two tin wall sconces

  196. Two butter stamps, eagle and beaver

  197. Coconut string holder on silvered fittings

  198. Two pewter porringers

  199. German pewter flask, pewter porringer dated 1795

  200. Pewter basin, 6” diameter, two small mugs

  201. English pewter plate 9” and pewter and wood ladle

  202. Two signed Calder 8” plates

  203. Pair pewter whale oil lamps signed R. Gleason

  204. Parade lamp, 2 auto lamps, two night lamps

  205. Folk painted fireboard with stop fluted columns, pinwheels and carved crest

  206. Shoe foot hutch table has some rot on base

  207. Two early quilts

  208. Gold jewelry lot

  209. Jewelry lot containing pearls, rings, brooch etc.

  210. Large lot silver jewelry

  211. Four large tray lots costume jewelry

  212. Large lot ear rings and gold filled jewelry

  213. Indian Rug as is

  214. Tray lot medals

  215. Oil on canvas sailboats by R. F. Arundage 1928

  216. Lot Arts and Crafts pottery

  217. Three early bonnets

  218. High quality walnut Victorian sewing stand, with fitted work interior and birds eye maple secondary wood

  219. Room size Oriental rug

  220. Room size Oriental rug signed 11’4” x 7’

  221. Carved ivory Japanese Geisha in holding case, signed underside

  222. Violin signed Francois Salzard in case with bow

  223. East Lake brass fire screen with hand painted panel of seminude winged figure

  224. Harriet Taylor’s sampler 1836 with deer at pine tree

  225. Elizabeth Hall’s sampler 1833 with Adam and Eve

  226. German toy steam train set in original box

  227. Boston Federal mahogany card table with brass fittings

  228. Grain painted dome top box, 31 x 15 ½ x 13 ½

  229. Oil on canvas Floral still life by L. Barzarnti, 26 x 39

  230. Dietz lantern #2 Imperial in original green paint

  231. Stieff Teddy Bear with sound 14”

  232. Unsigned Teddy Bear 18”

  233. Mahogany Philadelphia Federal table with carved base and brass feet

  234. Diminutive mahogany game table

  235. Chippendale 4 drawer bracket base chest with molded top, 34”

  236. Ames Cabotville sword 1837-1848 mark, with extras, epaulettes, powder canister, belt, buckle, bullet mold

  237. Doulton Toby mugs, The Falconer, Mad Hatter, Lobster Man, The Gardiner and Pied Piper

  238. Doulton Toby Mugs; Rip Van Winkle, Falstaff, Mr. and Mrs.

  239. Victorian caster set, Cranberry muffineer

  240. Oriental rug 4 x 6

  241. Oriental rug 4 x 6

  242. Indian rug 4 x 6

  243. Three champlevé lamps sold individually a,b,c

  244. Concessionaire basket used at Shea stadium signed Harry M. Stevens the inventor of the hot dog and founder of H.M. Stevens, stadium concessions company in 1887

  245. Whitney Navy revolver early 1860’s walnut grips replaced

  246. Percussion cap pistol with brass barrel

  247. Percussion boot pistol signed Frost, double barrel percussion boot pistol

  248. Enameled exterior barber shop sign curved for corner mounting 24 x 16

  249. Enameled exterior Texaco Fire Chief sign, curved for corner use, 12 x 18”

  250. Coca Cola sign 1960’s vintage, apx. 4’ long

  251. Dutch Cleanser enameled sign

  252. Two hand painted Nippon vases

  253. Cane twisted with copper wire handle

  254. Pair enameled Bohemian lusters

  255. Oak barley twist arts and crafts arm chair

  256. Spanish foot side chair and NH tray stand with drawer

  257. Acid etched hanging shade in blue glass

  258. Flash Gordon, robot, Howdy Doody, band member, speed boat

  259. Arts and Crafts mirror

  260. Diorama sail boat

  261. Two powder horns and an Indian basket

  262. Bronze compote

  263. Mahogany drop leaf turned leg table 28”

  264. Seth Thomas #1 regulator “Special”

  265. French marble and gilt mantle clock

  266. Lot 4 China case clocks

  267. Lot 5 mantle clocks

  268. New Haven banjo clock, wall regulator, ship’s clock

  269. Lot 5 mantle clocks

  270. Carved stone sundial

  271. Mother of pearl opera glasses

  272. Art deco mirror

  273. Paint decorated pine chest

  274. Bullseye and fleur de lis lamp, cut panel fluid lamp

  275. Box lot country utensils

  276. East Lake cherry tall chest

  277. Early finial and balusters

  278. Mahogany drop leaf table, dovetailed mahogany box, custom mahogany mirror

  279. Pine commode, butternut drop leaf stand

  280. 5 Gilt wall brackets

  281. Lot early blown wines, 3 mold blown mini pitcher has chip

  282. Lot early iron items

  283. Mahogany card table, Martha Washington sewing stand, muffin stand

  284. Hog scrapers, early hand forged lock and key

  285. Lot early bottles

  286. Lighting lot

  287. Bronze bears

  288. Two hooked rugs

  289. 5 small brass swing handle buckets

  290. Two salt glaze pitchers one signed Crowden, Harrisburg

  291. Tray lot vintage marbles

  292. Tray lot jewelry

  293. Post card album

  294. Tray lot medals etc.

  295. Tray lot ephemera

  296. Two tray lots doll house furniture, dolls iron bed

  297. Slant lid desk with bracket base

  298. Portrait oil on canvas in fine gold leaf frame

  299. Rose medallion lot

  300. Pair small portrait of women paintings on porcelain

  301. Marble bust

  302. Early mini sewing machine

  303. Walnut Victorian secretary

  304. Tray lot buttons

  305. Child’s pressed back rocker

  306. Stereo viewers and views

  307. Victorian photo albums

  308. Oak machinist tool box with tools