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Absentee Bidder Registration

Use of this form:

  • All fields in in the name and address block must be filled in.
  • This is for use by US Customers Only at this time
  • If you would like us to go to the next increment above your maximum please add +1 to your Maximum Bid amount. For example $400 is your absolute maximum, $400+1 gives us permission to go to the next bid increment
  • Bids will only be accepted using this form up to the previous day of the sale
  • You may make changes to bids previously submitted using this form, please do not use this form to make changes to bids submitted by other method.

Terms and Conditions

  • Left Bids are executed on a best efforts basis
  • We execute your bids as if you were in the audience
  • Items must open on the floor first unless there are multiple left bids

Fax Form

  • If you prefer you may print the absentee bid form (pdf), complete it and fax it to Fax (603) 595-9625.
  • International Customers should use the fax method for sending in left bid requests.

Checking on the Status of your Bids

Please call the day after the sale to determine if you have been successful.

Address Block

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Item ID and Description

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