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Antique Auction - September 27th, 2018
Coins 14 and up
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Created 09/11/2018

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C-14. Gold dollar, 1861

C-14. reverse

C-15. Gold 1915 Indian Head 2.5 dollar

C-15. reverse

C-16. Gold 2.5,1914

C-16. reverse

C-17. Gold 2.5, 1904

C-17. reverse

C-18. Gold dollar, 1854

C-18. reverse

C-19. Gold 1851 Liberty Head dollar

C-19. reverse

C-20. Gold 1908 Indian Head 5 dollar

C-20. reverse

C-21. Gold dollar, 1853

C-21. reverse

C-22. close up

C-22. Morgan silver dollars 26

C-22. reverse

C-23. Peace dollars, includes 1928 S, 14 total

C-23. Peace dollars reverse

C-24. Peace dollars, 20

C-24. Reverse

C-25. Walking Liberty also

C-25. Walking Liberty 45 total

C-26. Walking Liberty 45 total

C-27. Franklin Halves, 33

C-28. Capped Bust 1834 half dollar, 1871 Seated Liberty jalf dollar

C-28. Capped Bust hallf dollar 1834, Liberty Seated half dollar 1871

C-28. Capped Bust reverse

C-28. Reverse

C-28. Seated Liberty reverse

C-29. Seated Liberty half dollars

C-29. Reverse

C-30. Six Barber half dollars

C-31. Folder of Errors

C31. Lot 45. Standing Liberty half dollars

C-31. page 1

C-31. page 2

C-31. page 3

C-31. page 4

C-32. C.C. 1884

C-32. C.C. unc

C-32. C.C. rev

C-33. Over 400 Indian Head pennies

C-34. Large lot Indian Head pennies

C-35. Two 3 cent pieces

C-35. reverse

C-36. Two cent pieces, 51 count

C-37. Mixed lot see listing

C-38. Half dimes

C-39. 50th anniversary mint set

C-39. also

C-39. Lot 39 proof Kennedy halves

C-40. 47 proof Kennedy halves

C-41. 18 Kennedy halves 1964

C-41. 21 incirculated Kennedy halves

C-42. Lincoln Head pennies, a

C-42. Lincoln Head pennies

C-43. Lincoln Head pennies

C-43. With Lincoln Head pennies

C-44. Mixed lot, see list

No Lot
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