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Antique Auction - March 28th, 2019
Lots 1 to 50
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Created 02/20/2019

Image Index

1. reproduction stretcher base table

1. stretcher base

1. three board top

2. Hooked rug

2. as is

2. underside

3. Three child's chairs

4. hired man's bed red paint

5. four quilt racks

6. hired man's bed

7. Cast iron fireplace cookware

7a. bird spit

7b. posset pot

8. a. fireback

8b. fireback

9. country items

10. country items

11. decoys, broadside etc.

12. country furniture

13. Wedgewood sticks, Canton dish

14. Lot smalls, silhouette etc.

15. and 15b. early andirons

16. country chairs

17. corner chair, weavers chair

18. 3 warming pans

18. peacock pattern

19. sled, banks, bear

20. redware lot

21. country smalls

22. early glass

23. redware lot

24. lighting

25. redware lot

26. Maple blanket chest

26. base

27. wooden scales

28. Gilt mirror

28. Top

29. cobblers bench

30. Chinoiserie stand

31. Cast iron

32. Grain bin in old paint

32. Side view

32. Top off

33.a Bronze lot

33.b Bronze bird

33.c signature

34. Champlevae lamps a.b. and c

35. Cane

35. cane top

36. Groceries sign

36.b Chocolate sign

37. Pewter lot

38. Blue sea chest

38. rope beckets

38. till and strap hinges

39.a Phoenix bird plaque

39.b back

40.a Woodenware

40.b birds-eye maple

41.a Oriental scatter rug

41.b Knots

42. Pewter chargers

43. Squat bottle, decanter, wines

44. Brass lighting

45.a Travel decanter set

45.b second tier

45.c Open

45.d Case

46. Early lighting

47.a Microscope, binoculars etc.

47.b Binoculars

47.c microscope

48. Early instrument

48. Small early microscope

48. Leather case

48. signature

49.a Small dovetail box

49.b Cotter pin hinges

50.a Chippendale desk

50.b Curly maple base

50.d Interior

50.f Original hardware

No Lot
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